Glenn’s 30th Birthday!

This Sunday, December 19th of 2021, marks what would have been Glenn Mikulak’s 30th birthday! Happy birthday, Glenn! We miss you so much!

In order to better celebrate Glenn’s birthday today, we would like to bring to your attention a wonderful cause for your consideration, a cause that would have made Glenn very happy. It is called Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD), an organization devoted to the cause of ending Duchenne once and for all.

We humbly ask that you check out this organization and their mission, and to donate if you are so inclined. It would mean the world to people like Glenn!



10 Years After

10 years after: The ‘Glenn Ship’ docks at Front Royal’s C&C Frozen Treats

The Royal Examiner

By Roger Bianchini

On Monday, September 14, a ship of dreams set sail on the most recent leg of its journey in memory of one human spirit that set an example for us all. That ship is affectionately known as the Glenn Ship <> or as christened by its skipper Glenn Mikulak, the K’nector of the Seas.

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Royal Caribbean Cruise 

News – 6/24/2010

Glenn is back from his cruise, meeting the architects and designers at Royal Carribean HQ, and has graduated from high school. He will take a break, and after that a trip to the K’NEX factory will be planned.



An Improbable Tale of the High Seas

How Glenn Mikulak’s ship is taking him around the world

By Roger Bianchini
Warren County Report (used with permission)

For most people, me included, memories of a nice trip, whether it be on a ship or by another mode of transportation are generally recorded in our sometimes flawed memory banks or on photographs soon to be curled and yellowing in some forgotten scrap book.

But for Warren County High senior Glenn Mikulak, the memories of a 2006 trip with his late grandmother, Linda Hogoboom, on a Caribbean cruise ship were translated into an astonishing reconstruction of a cruise ship. On April 21st Glenn brought his ship, appropriately christened “K’nector of the Seas” of the Royal K’nibbean Line since it is made of approximately 10,000 K’NEX pieces, for display in the Warren County High lobby. The reactions of classmates, teachers and even Principal Ernestine Jordan mirrored my own reaction.
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